Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This should be posted last year.

After the loss of my beloved KP officially scraped and sold to besi buruk on the 25th Dec 2012, i bought another KP on the 1st Jan 2013. Straight away send it to tanjung sepat for bodywork and few mods on the engine bay
. the car has been stripped its interior leaving only the chassis and the body. tbc on the next post.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chop Chop.

Due to critical chassis damage on my KP I decided to scrap the car and take whats the good to be reuse or sell for some cash.
There's noting much to write just enjoy the pictures.

Special Thanks to Pomen Yala Autoworks crew for helping me take all the parts off the car and being such a good friend.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Frustration Level 999999999999999999.

First there's this float leaking problem which forced me to bought a new 1 and i did, it really cost me my money.

Secondly here comes the ultimate frustration, after tearing my car's interior the body was devastating and I dont mind all the rust and holes because it could just be patched with new piece of metal
But here comes the ultimate frustration which is my car as been crumpled at the center between the hand brake leaver and the rear seat no wonder the rear wasnt heavily damage after the collision with the lorry i had some where in march.

I'm mentally broken by this crumple in the mid section of the car, this can be repair but it will not be as good as the original and it would cost me more than my budget.
Pomen Yala Autowork crew advised me to get another KP chasis instead of repairing this one because this body isn't worth saving if budget is the master.

So my KP is to be strip to its chasis and sold the chasis to a scrap metal. :( "Kita kena lepaskan benda yg kita sayang, untuk dapat benda yang lebih kita sayang " - Mat Jey 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Float Bocor Part 3.

float bocor kembali selepas di tampal. sekian.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Its feels good to be back behind the wheel.

its been three months since the last time i drive my KP. After patching the fuel float the engine can be start and it works perfectly fine. I drove around my neighbourhood and the car feels very light maybe because the interior was removed. this video taken with my recently-bought Xperia GO. such awesome quality you can watch it in HD but not a fast car.

Fuel Float bocor Part 2

Electronic Solder was used to cover the hole on the float. Trust me Im really good at soldering components on a PCB but this is diffrent, its hard to make the iron sticks to the float. so this isnt my best soldering finish.

again, please be careful while handling tools or installing to your car. Because I accidentally cut my fingers (again) while getting this done. there's my blood on the rocker cover.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

fuel float bocor.

interior has been stripped and the car is ready for body work, unfortunately the engine wont start.
and i found out the intake has been flooded with petrol. I've faced this problem before when i swap to DCNF40 for the first time. I remembered that my DCNF float has this tiny hole causes the carb to continuously pouring petrol into the intake without even pressing the throttle.
I use Selly's steel epoxy to cover it and it did work. but that was 2 years back. now the steel epoxy can't stand the corrosive petrol and the steel epoxy layer can be easily peeled off.

maybe i'll try using electronic solder to cover the hole. so it'd be permanent.